Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Editorial Board:

Miroslav Barták, Prague

Peter Bitušík, Banská Bystrica

Milan Chvála, Prague

Ladislav Jedlička, Bratislava

Jindřich Roháček, Opava

Rudolf Rozkošný, Brno

Jaroslav Starý, Olomouc

Jaromír Vaňhara, Brno

English language and scientific reviewer:

Adrian Pont, Goring-on-Thames

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The Czech and Slovak dipterists have a long tradition of regular meetings. Started in 1969 at the First Seminar of Czechoslovak Dipterists (SCSD) in Nitra (Slovakia), these meetings have continued, with few exceptions, every two years and even after the splitting of the former Czechoslovakia into two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These meetings were, and have remained, very informal, and the participating dipterists have resisted any attempts at formalising or institutionalising their group. In spite of this, or because of it, the seminars were not only occasions for the presentation of new knowledge in dipterology and the free exchange of ideas but also the birthplace of many collaborative projects. One of the first of these was the Checklist of the Diptera of the then Czechoslovakia, as a summary, synthesis and modern treatment of the faunistic and distribution data that had accumulated in the course of more that two centuries of dipterology in this region, a long history of research from former times down to the present day with its large number of specialists.

The present Checklist of the Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is the fourth in a sequence of dipterological checklists for the former Czechoslovakia and the presentday Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The first draft of the first checklist was prepared as mimeographed copy in 1971 and was disseminated to specialists. This was followed by considerable discussion, and the final version was not available until 1984, when it was closed and made ready for publication at the 8th SCSD in České Budějovice (Bohemia, Czech Republic). After some problems were overcome, it finally appeared in 1987 (Ježek 1987, PCV1). Compiled by 52 authors, the checklist listed 6498 species in 104 families.

However, the first checklist was not only a summary of existing data but also a sui generis stimulus for further studies in taxonomy and in local faunistics. Over the next few years, the number of newly-recorded species could be counted in hundreds for the whole country as well as for the individual territorial parts. Moreover, in the decade 1984-1994 thirteen volumes of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera were published as well as other studies which have brought about many changes in systematics and nomenclature. To reflect all these changes and the recent situation in faunistics, it was necessary to prepare a new version of the checklist which was published exactly ten years after the first checklist had appeared (Chvála 1997, PCV2). This version of the checklist, PCV2, compiled by 43 authors, contained entries for 7654 species in 115 families. In spite of the division of the former Czechoslovakia into two autonomous states, the editor and authors decided to maintain the territorial coverage and presentation of the previous version, and this has also been retained in both the first ((Jedlička et al. 2006, ECV1) and the second (Jedlička et al. 2009, ECV2) electronic versions.

After a preliminary discussion during the 17th SCSD in 2004 at Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia), it was decided at the 18th SCSD in 2005 at Kostelec nad Černými lesy (Bohemia) to accept the editors’ suggestion and prepare a new version of the checklist in electronic form. The suggested electronic form would make it possible for the new species records for each country (or its part) to be linked to published sources and to be retained in the subsequent versions, which is not possible with a printed version. Similarly, the electronic form would enable nomenclatorical changes between subsequent checklist versions to be traced. In this way the checklist would help to build an image of the Diptera fauna for the wider scientific and technical community and would not be restricted to a closed circle of specialists only. The last printed version (PCV2) was used as a starting point, and so all changes since 1997 are or will be reflected in subsequent electronic versions, beginning with ECV1. This concept was clearly understood and was adopted by all authors.

The electronic versions will be updated at more or less regular intervals, every two-three years, if the additional new data warranted a new version. This editorial task was undertaken by the dipterological working-group at the Department of Zoology, Comenius University, Bratislava. Because the checklist would be repeatedly or periodically updated in the future, the editors decided to set up an Editorial Board to deal with some of the basic questions. For reasons of continuity, the authorship of individual families was changed only in exceptional cases and most authors remain home authors. Where no home specialist was available, authors from outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia were asked to participate. We are happy to state that all such authors accepted the invitation and continue the cooperation on ECV2 too.

The ECV1 (Jedlička et al. 2006) was built upon the PCV2 and retained all their positive features and trends. As in the second version (Chvála 1997), the checklist listed only those species whose occurrence in the various territorial units is supported by published records. This has led to the elimination of some doubtful species and even of a family (Hesperinidae) for which no reliable data could be found. The ECV1, compiled by  46 authors, contains entries for 8649 species in 111 families and one genus incertae sedis (for details see FAMILIES). To avoid the general problem of errors and imperfections found in the majority of electronic documents published on the web, we decided to keep the ECV1 available on the same site under slightly modified address (see below under previous checklist versions).

This electronic version 2 of the checklist (Jedlička et al. 2009, ECV2) is built upon the previous versions and contains trends iniciated with ECV1. The present checklist was compiled by 50 authors and contains entries for 8816 species in 111 families and one genus incertae sedis (for details see FAMILIES). All of the additional new records included in the checklist have already been published, and full references for them are given in the checklist.

In general, the classification and nomenclature of the Fauna Europaea is used in the ECV2 with some exceptions which are mentioned where they occur. The checklist therefore contains no synonymy which cannot be found in the Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera or in the more recent Fauna Europaea. Only in cases where a valid name where there a change in a valid name in the PCV2 and ECV1 of the checklist is the name used in the PCV2 and ECV1 listed together with the source of the change. The higher classification of the Diptera used in the PCV2 and ECV1 has been adopted, with minor changes at the family level which are discussed where they occur. However, as was mentioned in the ECV1, the data of species distribution included in the Fauna Europaea are partially complete and do not reflect the most recent knowledge for certain families. This is discussed below under the individual families concerned. 

Bratislava, December 2009                                                                                 The Editors


The editors are greatly indebted to the many authors, as well as to the members of the Editorial Board, who have taken part in the preparation of this checklist. Their collaboration and cooperation is highly appreciated.

The authors and editors would also like to thank all those specialists who kindly commented on draft manuscripts, provided information on the families, or reviewed the manuscripts: Dr. I. Brake, Washington, Dr. M. Buck, Guelph, Dr. M. Carles-Tolrá, Barcelona, Dr. C. Claussen, Flensburg, Dr. H. Disney, Cambridge, Dr. J.-P. Haenni, Neuchâtel, Dr. H. de Jong, Amsterdam, Dr. E. P. Kameneva, Kiev, Dr. V. A. Korneyev, Kiev, Dr. B. Merz, Geneva, Mr. L. Munari, Venezia, Dr. A. L. Ozerov, Moscow, Dr. J. Roháček, Opava, Mr. J. W. A. van Zuijlen, Waalwijk, Dr. A. Wożnica, Wrocłav.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of Adrian C. Pont, Goring-on-Thames, for linguistic revisions and comments on the manuscripts.

Editors are obliged to Dr. E. Stloukal, Bratislava for compiling the database part of the Checkist and programming of the search tool.

The preparation of this new edition of the Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been supported finan-cially by Grant No. 1/0234/08 of the Slovak VEGA Grant Agency to the editors, and by further additional grants supporting studies of individual families.

Previous checklist versions

Ježek J. (ed.) 1987: Enumeratio insectorum Bohemoslovakiae. Check list of Czechoslovak insects 2 (Diptera). Acta faunistica entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae, 18: 1-341.

Chvála M. (ed.) 1997: Check List of Diptera (Insecta) of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Karolinum – Charles University Press, Prague, 130 pp.

Jedlička L., Stloukalová V. & Kúdela M. (eds) 2006: Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Electronic version 1.  <> + CD-ROM, ISBN 80-969629-0-6.


The fly shown in the logo is Rachispoda limosa (Fallén, 1820) (Sphaeroceridae), drawn by J. Roháček.

The content and arrangement of the checklist

The arrangement of the present version of the checklist makes use of the possibilities offered by electronic media, format and tools. The basic operational unit of the checklist is the family (with the sole exception of the genus Sciarosoma incertae sedis, which is separatelly placed at the family level but without family assignment). Each family is placed as a separate subpage linked through the list of families (button FAMILIES on the left panel or on the bottom of this page).  All family entries consist of two parts – an introductory text (with a short family diagnosis, the present state of knowledge in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and references) and a systematic part.

Within each family, authors are free to decide whether to arrange systematic categories alphabetically or according to a phylogenetic system. However, species within genera (or subgenera if used) are arranged alphabetically.

In addition to the full name, the entry for each species contains its occurrence in the various territorial units: CZ – Czech Republic (B – Bohemia, M – Moravia, including the Czech part of Silesia), and SK – Slovakia (see the map).

Species that have been recorded for the first time from our territory [CZ (B M), SK] since the last version of the checklist (Chvála 1997) are referred as hyperlinks (with an appropriate screen tip) to the published source. Nomenclatural changes are referenced with a number in square brackets, which corresponds to the reference number in the list of references for each family. Corrected typographic errors and/or misspellings of names and/or errors with the year of description in the previous version are not referenced.

Fair use

The use of this checklist is limited to research, educational, non-commercial fair use, as defined under the copyright law of the Slovak Republic. Colleagues are welcome to download, print, or use material from the checklist, for their individual research purposes, so long as the author(s), editors and the Comenius University are cited as the source of the information. However, copying material from the checklist into other databases or on to other websites, or disseminating the information in other ways, is not allowed without permission from the editors.


If you use this checklist as a source of information in your work, please cite it accordingly in your publications.

Citation of the entire checklist:

Jedlička L., Kúdela M. & Stloukalová V. (eds). 2009: Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Electronic version 2.  <> + CD-ROM: ISBN 978-80-969629-4-5.

Citation of a family:

Starý J. 2009: Trichoceridae Rondani, 1841. In: Jedlička L., Kúdela M. & Stloukalová V. (eds): Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Electronic version 2. <>  + CD-ROM: ISBN 978-80-969629-4-5.

How to use the checklist

The user can select a family in the list of families accessible through button FAMILIES on the left panel or on the bottom of this page. All species- and genus-group taxa are arranged alphabetically within the higher categories (i.e. genera within tribes or subfamilies, species within genera, or subgenera if used). To find a taxon within the family, the “find” function of the browser should be used.

Online version of the checklist is empowered by the search tool, which enables quick retrieval of information on species, families and its occurrence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  To access the Search tool, click the link or click the tab in top right corner of each page. The search tool is not accessible in offline version distributed on CD.

The user guide to online search is available from its start page (click the question mark button).

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The checklist is being distributed in htm format on CD-ROM, fully identical with the web version, to all authors and reviewers, to all public libraries according to Law Act No. 182/2000 Z. z. of the Slovak Republic and No. 52/2000 Sb. of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and to some major libraries abroad.

The full version of the checklist is freely accessible on