Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Thaumaleidae Bezzi, 1913

Jan Ševčík

University of Ostrava, Chittussiho 10, CZ-710 00 Ostrava & Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Small to medium-sized (3.0-6.0 mm), yellowish-brown to dark brown midges, resembling Simuliidae. Head with dichoptic eyes, without ocelli; antenna short, flagellum with 14 segments. Thorax hump-backed, mesonotum usually with dark longitudinal stripes, coxae relatively short, legs long and narrow, abdomen elongated and narrow. Wings relatively broad, hyaline, without markings, wing membrane without macrotrichia or scales. Vein Sc ending in C, veins R2+3 and R4+5 convergent towards wing margin. The larvae are aquatic, restricted to springs, small brooks and waterfalls. They live on the surface of wet rocks in a thin film of water. The adults are poor fliers and are found near the larval habitat, usually sitting on vegetation over the water. They are usually rare and stenotopic, but some species are locally abundant. Most species of Thaumaleidae are typical mountain flies, but several species also occur in submontane areas.

There are some 100 described Palaearctic species (Wagner 1997, 2007) and about 75 species in Europe (Wagner 2007). Altogether 15 species are listed in the present checklist 11 from the Czech Republic (4 in Bohemia, 11 in Moravia), and 13 from Slovakia. Since the PCV2 (Martinovský 1997), no species has been added to the Czech Republic, but one species of Androprosopa Mik, 1898, that was described as new to science, was added to the fauna of Slovakia (Martinovský 1999).The species composition of Thaumaleidae in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia is relatively well known, although several additional species are still to be expected.

The basic characteristics of the family were recently given by Disney (1999), Martinovský and Barták (2000) and Wagner (1997). The identification of most European species is possible using the papers by Edwards (1929), Martinovský and Rozkošný (1976) and Vaillant (1977). The nomenclature used in the present checklist follows that in the Fauna Europaea (Wagner 2007).


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Androprosopa Mik, 1898
larvata (Mik, 1888) CZ (B M ) SK
nigra (Loew, 1871) SK in PCV2 in Orphnephilina Enderlein, 1936 [9]
rangifer Martinovský, 1999 SK
Thaumalea Ruthé, 1831
aperta Martinovský & Rozkošný, 1976 CZ ( M ) SK
austriaca Edwards, 1929 CZ M ) SK
bezzii Edwards, 1929 CZ (B M ) SK
caudata Bezzi, 1913 CZ ( M ) SK
decussiferens Vaillant, 1969 SK
dentata Edwards, 1929 CZ  ( M )
miki Edwards, 1929 CZ  ( M ) SK
remota Martinovský & Rozkošný, 1976 CZ  ( M ) SK
tatrica Vaillant, 1969 SK
testacea Ruthé, 1831 CZ (B M ) SK
truncata Edwards, 1929 CZ (B M )
vaillanti Martinovský & Rozkošný, 1976 CZ ( M ) SK