Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Stenomicridae Papp, 1984

Jindřich Roháček

Department of Entomology, Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Minute to small (1.0-2.0 mm), slender, delicate flies with yellow to grey body. Head with somewhat reduced frontal chaetotaxy (ocellars absent, two fronto-orbitals with anterior inclinate, one external vertical, postverticals small and divergent or absent) and gena with a series of ventroclinate setae terminated by one porrect pseudovibrissa. Antenna geniculate, arista long-pectinate, drosophilid-like. Thorax narrower than head, with short humeral and 1-2 postsutural dorsocentrals. Tibiae lacking dorsopreapical setae. Wing narrow, hyaline or with tinged spots, with one (subcostal) break, Sc incomplete, cross-veins bm-cu and sometimes also dm-cu absent, cell cup open. Male genitalia with discrete, strongly inclinate gonostylus, peculiar and setose (medially not fused) medandrium (= bacilliform sclerite), asymmetrical aedeagal complex, relatively small phallapodeme and rather large ejacapodeme. Biology unsufficiently known. The larvae probably develop in the water-holding leaf bases of plants, particularly monocotyledons. The adults of some species are closely associated with tussocks of large Carex species, others also with Typha, Scirpus or Cyperus; Stenomicra soniae Merz & Roháček 2005 may even be associated with dicotyledonous umbellifers (see Merz & Roháček 2005).

According to Papp (2006) the family comprises four genera worldwide; two genera and three species are represented in Europe (Merz & Roháček 2005). All three European species are listed from the Czech republic (three in Bohemia and three in Moravia) but only one species from Slovakia in the present checklist. Since the ECV1, the number of species in the Czech Republic has increased by one (by two in Bohemia and by one in Moravia), while it remains unchanged in Slovakia. The family was erected for Stenomicra species by Papp (1984), but previously and often subsequently this group has been treated as a member of the Aulacigastridae or the Periscelididae, most recently as a subfamily of the latter by e.g. Mathis and Papp (1998), Freidberg and Mathis (2002) or Merz and Roháček (2005). The West Palaearctic species of Stenomicridae were treated in detail and keyed by Merz and Roháček (2005), who also included a summary of all the faunistic data from the Czech Republic and Slovakia except for those added by Roháček (2006, 2009). The nomenclature used here follows that of Merz and Roháček (2005) and Papp (2006) who elevated the former subgenera of Stenomicra to generic rank.


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Podocera Czerny, 1929 in ECV1 as subgenus of Stenomicra [5]
delicata (Collin, 1944) CZ (B M )
soniae (Merz & Roháček, 2005) CZ (B M ) SK in PCV2 erroneously as S. delicata (Collin, 1944) [3]; in ECV1 in genus Stenomicra [7]
Stenomicra Coquillett,  1900 in ECV1 as subgenus of Stenomicra [5]
cogani Irwin, 1982 CZ (B M )