Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Nycteribiidae Samouelle (ex Leach) 1819

Jindřich Roháček

Department of Entomology, Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Minute to medium-sized (1.5-5.0 mm), yellowish to brown, spider-like flies without wings but with halteres. Head small, narrow, folded backwards on to thorax in the resting position; eyes and ocelli strongly reduced or absent. Thorax dorsoventrally flattened, with ventral part sclerotized and largely membraneous dorsally; pleura displaced dorsally, including insertion of legs. Legs long and robust, with thickened femora and tibiae; basitarsus as long as or longer than rest of tarsus. Thorax and abdomen usually with ctenidia of setae or spines. The adults are blood-sucking obligatory parasites of bats (Chiroptera). The larvae develop inside the abdomen of the female fly, feeding on secretions from milk glands that open into the vagina. Prior to larviposition, the female leaves its host bat and glues the mature larva (prepupa) to a solid substrate near the resting place of the bat. The deposited larva rapidly forms a puparium. Nycteribiid species show varying degrees of host specificity, from very close species-to-species associations to the absence of host preference.

Altogether fifteen species (plus two subspecies) of four genera are known in Europe and the adjacent island areas (Hůrka 2007); eleven are listed in the present checklist (eight in the Czech Republic, six in Bohemia, eight in Moravia, and nine in Slovakia). Since the ECV1, the number of species in the Czech Republic and Slovakia has not been changed. The family is relatively well-studied in the Czech Republic and Slovakia thanks to the monographs by Hůrka (1964, 1980), supplemented by his subsequent studies (Hůrka 1984, 1997). The family was treated in detail by Hůrka (1998), who also included a key to Palaearctic genera and subgenera. The Central European species can be identified by means of Hůrka (1980). The nomenclature used in the present checklist follows that of the Fauna Europaea (Hůrka 2007).


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Nycteribia Latreille, 1796
Nycteribia Latreille, 1796
kolenatii Theodor & Moscona, 1954 CZ   (B M ) SK
latreillii (Leach, 1817) CZ   (B M ) SK
schmidlii Schiner, 1853 SK in PCV2 as N. schmidlii schmidlii Schiner, 1853
Acrocholidia Kolenati, 1857
vexata Westwood, 1835 CZ   (B M ) SK
Phthiridium Hermann, 1804
biarticulatum Hermann, 1804 CZ   ( M ) SK
Basilia Miranda Ribeiro, 1903
italica Theodor, 1954 SK
nana Theodor & Moscona, 1954 CZ   (B M ) SK
nattereri (Kolenati, 1857) CZ   ( M )
Penicillidia Kolenati, 1863
conspicua Speiser, 1901 SK
dufourii dufourii (Westwood, 1835) CZ   (B M ) SK
monoceros Speiser, 1900 CZ   (B M )