Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Lonchaeidae Rondani, 1856

Jan Máca

Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the CR, Nám. Přemysla Otakara 34, CZ-370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic;

The European Lonchaeidae are small (2.0-7.0 mm), predominantly black or metallic coloured flies, often superficially resembling some calyptrate flies. In addition to the key characters of acalyptrate flies (e.g. incompleteness of mesonotal suture), they can be distinguished by the absence of long setae in the presutural part of mesonotum (except notopleurals) and always black halteres. The retractile ovipositor with its species-specific chaetotaxy has given rise to the vernacular name of lance flies. Members of the family occur predominantly in forests. The larvae have a saprophagous type of cephalopharyngeal skeleton (Krivosheina 1976). They are usually phytosaprophagous, most often associated with tree bark and living in the galleries of Scolytidae and other wood-boring insects, where they are probably dependent on proper taxonomic group or even species of trees and not on the taxonomic group of xylophagous insects; they appear to feed on ambrosia fungi and frass. The larvae of some species are necrophagous and/or predatory on the preimaginal stages (mostly pupae) of Scolytidae, whilst others mine in the stems of various herbs, in conifer cones or in the florets of Cirsium spp. The larvae of Dasiops Rondani, 1856 occur in damaged trunks, on rotting vegetable and in galls.

There are some 550 described species worldwide; 96 valid species have been recorded in Europe and adjacent islands including the Macaronesian subregion (Carles-Tolrá 2007). In ECV1 62 species were listed from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Máca 2006b). The present version lists also 62 species: 61 from the Czech Republic (53 from Bohemia, 46 from Moravia) and 35 from Slovakia. It is apparent that the fauna of this family is in Slovakia much less known than in the Czech Republic despite some new records. Earomyia inquilina (Hendel in Seitner) a doubtful species described from Moravia, is included in the list; on the other hand, two species recently published from Slovakia but not yet checked by the present author are not included.

The last monographic papers on the Central European species were published by Morge (1963) and MacGowan and Rotheray(2008). Mostly faunistic data have been published by Máca (1997b) and in the more recent publications cited above.


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Dasiops Rondani, 1856
appendiculus Morge, 1959  CZ   (B ) SK
calvus Morge, 1959  CZ (B M ) SK
facialis Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M ) SK
hennigi Morge, 1959  CZ   (B )
latifrons (Meigen, 1826)  CZ   ( M ) SK
mucronatus Morge, 1959  CZ   (B M )
noctuinus Morge, 1959  CZ   (B )
perpropinquus Morge, 1959  CZ   (B M ) SK
spatiosus (Becker, 1895)  CZ   (B M ) SK
trichosternalis Morge, 1959  CZ   (B )
Chaetolonchaea Czerny, 1934
brevipilosa Czerny, 1934  CZ (B M ) SK
dasyops (Meigen, 1826)  CZ   (B M ) SK
pallipennis (Zetterstedt, 1855)  CZ   (B M )
Earomyia Zetterstedt, 1842
adriatica (Becker, 1895)  SK
albifacies (Czerny, 1934)  CZ   (B )
crystallophila (Becker, 1895)  CZ   (B ) SK
impossibile Morge,1959  CZ   (B M ) SK
inquilina (Hendel in Seitner, 1929)  CZ   ( M )
lonchaeoides Zetterstedt, 1848  CZ   (B )
schistopyga Collin,1953  CZ   (B )
tomskensis Morge, 1959  CZ   (B M )
viridana (Meigen, 1826)  CZ   (B M ) SK
virilis Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M ) SK
Protearomyia McAlpine, 1962
nigra (Meigen, 1826) CZ   (B M ) SK
greciana McAlpine,1962 CZ ( M )
Lonchaea Fallén,1820
britteni Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M )
bruggeri Morge, 1967  CZ   (B )
bukowskii Czerny, 1934 CZ (B )
carpathica Kovalev, 1974  CZ   (B M ) SK
caucasica Kovalev, 1974  CZ   (B )
chorea (Fabricius, 1781)  CZ   (B M ) SK
collini Hackman, 1956  CZ   (B )
contigua Collin, 1953 CZ   (B M ) SK
contraria Czerny, 1934  CZ   (B M ) SK
corusca Czerny, 1934  CZ   (B M )
deutschi Zetterstedt, 1838  CZ   ( M ) SK
fugax Becker, 1895  CZ   (B M ) SK
gorodkovi Kovalev, 1974  CZ   (B )
hackmani Kovalev, 1981 CZ ( M ) SK
hirticeps Zetterstedt, 1838  CZ   ( M )
hyalipennis Zetterstedt, 1847 CZ (B M ) SK
krivosheinae Kovalev, 1973  CZ   ( M )
laticornis Meigen, 1826  CZ   (B M ) SK
laxa Collin, 1953  CZ (B ) SK
limatula Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M ) SK
nitens (Bigot, 1885)  CZ   ( M )
obscuritarsis Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M )
palposa Zetterstedt, 1847  CZ   (B M ) SK
patens Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M ) SK
peregrina Becker, 1895  CZ   (B M )
postica Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M ) SK
scutellaris Rondani, 1874  CZ   (B M ) SK
seitneri Hendel, 1928  CZ   (B M )
sororcula Hackman, 1956  CZ   (B )
stackelbergi Czerny, 1934  CZ   (B M ) SK
subneatosa Kovalev, 1974  CZ   (B M )
sylvatica Beling, 1873  CZ   (B M ) SK
tarsata Fallén, 1820  CZ   (B M ) SK
ultima Collin, 1953  CZ   (B M )
zetterstedti Becker, 1902  CZ   (B M ) SK
Setisquamalonchaea Morge, 1963
fumosa (Egger, 1862)  CZ   (B M ) SK
retalionis (McAlpine, 1964)  CZ   (B M ) SK