Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Chyromyidae Hendel, 1916

Jindřich Roháček

Department of Entomology, Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Minute to small (0.5-5.0 mm), rather stout, usually yellow, more rarely grey to blackish flies. Head rounded, with depressed face, two to six fronto-orbital setae, postvertical (postocellar) setae small and convergent. Thorax with one humeral, two notopleural, one posthumeral, one to six dorsocentral, two (pairs) long scutellar setae (additional small scutellar setulae only in some genera). Wing unicolourous, hyaline. Costa extended to M, with a subcostal break; subcosta complete, ending close to R1; cell bm closed, cell cup short. Tibiae without dorsal preapical setae. Male genitalia variable; female postabdomen with two spermathecae. The larvae are saprophagous, developing in the nests of birds and in bat guano, and some species also in rotting wood debris. Most species are thermophilous; species of Aphaniosoma and Gymnochiromyia preferentially occur in saltmarshes and semi-arid habitats and are frequent on flowering vegetation. Chyromya species and also Gymnochiromyia inermis seem to be associated with open deciduous woodland.

A total of 61 species has been recorded in Europe (Ebejer 2005, 2007, Gibbs 2007); nine are listed in the present checklist: eight in the Czech Republic (eight in Bohemia, five in Moravia), and five in Slovakia. Since PCV2, the number of species has not changed in either the Czech Republic (Bohemia and Moravia) or in Slovakia. The family is best known in Bohemia (Czech Republic); some additional species, particularly of the genus Aphaniosoma, can certainly be expected to be found in Moravia and Slovakia. The family was characterised by Wheeler (1998) who also gave a key to Palaearctic genera. There is no identification tool for all the European species; species of the European genera can be determined by means of Gibbs (2007) and Andersson (1971, 1976 Chyromya), Ebejer (1998a Gymnochiromyia) and Ebejer (1998b, 2005 Aphaniosoma). The species occurring in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been treated faunistically by Ebejer and Roháček (1995), who also summarized the earlier records. For references to papers recording Chyromyidae from the Czech Republic after 1995, see Ebejer et al. (2001). The nomenclature adopted here follows that in the Fauna Europaea (Ebejer 2007).


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Aphaniosoma Becker, 1903
propinquans Collin, 1949  CZ   (B )
socium Collin, 1949  CZ   (B )
unicolor Hendel, 1933  CZ   (B )
Chyromya Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
femorella (Fallén, 1820)  CZ   (B M )
flava (Linnaeus, 1758)  CZ   (B M ) SK
miladae Andersson, 1976  CZ   (B M ) SK
oppidana (Scopoli, 1763)  CZ   (B M ) SK
Gymnochiromyia Hendel, 1933
flavella (Zetterstedt, 1848) SK
inermis (Collin, 1933)  CZ   (B M ) SK