Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Asteiidae Rondani, 1856

Jindřich Roháček

Department of Entomology, Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Minute to small (1.0-3.0 mm), delicate, often weakly sclerotised flies. Cephalic chaetotaxy reduced, with only 0-2 orbital setae. Antenna with arista having long zigzag rays, or only minute cilia, rarely completely absent. Thoracic chaetotaxy also reduced as a rule. Legs small, without conspicuous setae. Wing relatively narrow, with somewhat reduced venation. C without breaks; Sc faded distally, not reaching costa. R4+5 and M convergent apically; basal (bm-cu) cross-vein, anal (cup) cell and vein A1 absent. Abdomen usually weakly sclerotised. Gonostyli fused with epandrium, symmetrical to strongly asymmetrical. Aedeagus tripartite, consisting of phallophore, mesophallus and distiphallus, the latter long and thin, sometimes coiled. Female terminalia simple, cerci short, usually two spermathecae present. Biology poorly known. The Central European species belong to two, ecologically different groups. Leiomyza species have mycetophagous larvae (Papp 1998) developing in the sporocarps of fungi, and occur chiefly in woodlands. Asteia species are considered to be (phyto)saprophagous as larvae; adults appear to be associated with shrubby or grassy habitats, often occurring on flowers. The life-habits of Astiosoma rufifrons Duda, 1927, are unknown. The species is characterised by the fumatropic behaviour of the adults, which are attracted to wood ash after bonfires, especially during the evening (Chandler 1978).

Altogether 18 species in four genera are known to occur in Europe and the adjacent island areas (Carles-Tolrá 2007); nine are listed in the present checklist: eight in the Czech Republic (seven in Bohemia, eight in Moravia), and eight in Slovakia). Since the ECV1, the number of species has not been changed in the Czech Republic, but has been increased by one in Slovakia (Roháček 2009) The Asteiidae are characterised in detail by Papp (1998), who has also provided a modern key to Palaearctic genera. The Central European species can be identified using Chandler (1978), Merz (1996) and Gibbs and.Papp (2007) There is no comprehensive treatment of the Asteiidae in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the published faunistic data are scattered in a number of papers: see Roháček and Barták (2001) for a review. The nomenclature used here follows that in Papp (1984) and the Fauna Europaea (Carles-Tolrá 2007). 


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Leiomyza Macquart, 1835
birkheadi Gibbs in Gibbs et Papp, 2007 SK
curvinervis (Zetterstedt, 1838)  CZ (B M ) SK
dudai Sabrosky, 1956  CZ (B M ) SK
laevigata (Meigen, 1830)  CZ (B M ) SK
scatophagina (Fallén, 1823) CZ (B M ) SK
Asteia Meigen, 1830
Asteia s.str.
amoena Meigen, 1830  CZ (B M ) SK
concinna Meigen, 1830  CZ (B M ) SK
elegantula Zetterstedt, 1847 CZ (B M ) SK
Astiosoma Duda, 1927
rufifrons Duda, 1927 CZ ( M )