Checklist of Diptera of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
electronic version 2, 2009
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Anthomyzidae Czerny, 1903

Jindřich Roháček

Department of Entomology, Silesian Museum, Tyršova 1, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic;

Minute to small (1.3-4.5 mm), slender-bodied, yellow to black flies, usually with narrow long wings (rarely brachypterous or apterous) and short, slender legs. Arista pubescent to pectinate, ocelli and ocellar setae present, postverticals small, convergent (rarely absent), 1-3 reclinate orbitals, usually preceded by 1-2 setulae, vibrissa present. Thorax without anepimeral (pteropleural) setulae, fore femur with ctenidial spine (secondarily absent in several genera). Wing unicolourous or with dark spots, C usually with only subcostal break, Sc fused with R1 and forming a preapical kink on it. Tibiae without dorsopreapical setae. Male genitalia characterised by a folding apparatus between the aedeagal complex and hypandrium, phallapodeme with a robust ventral fulcrum connected with the hypandrium, and distiphallus bifid, composed of a membraneous saccus and a sclerotised filum. Adults are mainly associated with humid habitats, particularly with damp meadows, marshes, bogs and damp deciduous or mixed forests with rich undergrowth. Larvae are phytosaprophagous and/or partly phytophagous, usually feeding between the leaf sheaths of the tillers of grasses, sedges and other Cyperaceae, Typhaceae or Juncaceae and preferring plants damaged by other phytophagous insects. Several species are known to mine in dicotyledons and two species of Fungomyza Roháček, 1999 develop in the sporocarps of fungi.

Altogether 31 species are known from Europe and the adjacent island areas (Roháček 2006, 2007, 2009); 19 are listed in the present checklist: 19 in the Czech Republic (19 in Bohemia, 17 in Moravia), and 18 in Slovakia. Since the ECV1, the number of species has not been changed. The family is well studied in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Palaearctic taxa have recently been monographed by Roháček (2006, 2009), who provided keys for their identification and also summarised all the available faunistic data from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The nomenclature used here also follows part 2 of this monograph (Roháček 2009). 


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Anagnota Becker, 1902
bicolor (Meigen, 1838) CZ (B M ) SK
major Roháček & Freidberg, 1993 CZ (B M ) SK
Fungomyza Roháček, 1999
albimana (Meigen, 1830)  CZ (B M ) SK in PCV2 in genus Anthomyza [2]
Anthomyza Fallén, 1810
anderssoni Roháček, 1984 CZ (B M ) SK
collini Andersson, 1976  CZ (B M ) SK
dissors Collin, 1944  CZ (B M ) SK
gracilis Fallén, 1823 CZ (B M ) SK
macra Czerny, 1928  CZ (B M ) SK
neglecta Collin, 1944 CZ (B M ) SK
pallida (Zetterstedt, 1838) CZ (B M ) SK
paraneglecta Elberg, 1968 CZ (B M ) SK
pleuralis Czerny, 1928 CZ (B M ) SK
Arganthomyza Roháček, 2009
socculata (Zetterstedt, 1847) CZ (B ) SK in PCV2 and ECV1 in genus Anthomyza [6]
Paranthomyza Czerny, 1902
nitida (Meigen, 1838)  CZ (B M ) SK
Stiphrosoma Czerny, 1928
cingulatum (Haliday, 1855) CZ (B M ) SK
humerale Roháček & Barber, 2005 CZ (B )
laetum (Meigen, 1830) CZ (B M ) SK
sabulosum (Haliday, 1837) CZ (B M ) SK
Typhamyza Roháček, 1992
bifasciata (Wood, 1911) CZ (B M ) SK